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Perspective is Everything

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Years ago, when I spent much of my time with many spiritual people, there were some of limited understanding who upon hearing things like a child was raped would respond with 'they created it'. My lower self or evil twin as I like to call her would do an internal eye roll and imagine myself punching them while saying 'hey! Stop creating that! I'm non violent!' Understand, I have great affection for my evil twin. She keeps me laughing and gives me greater perspective. But I never give her the keys to the car(let her be in charge). My higher self would have compassion for anyone with their frame of mind. While there is at a much higher level of understanding truth in their statement, there are an endless number of reasons how and why we create things in our lives. They are all related to our souls purpose in this lifetime. None of those reasons make trauma any less traumatic at a human level. Only an expanded awareness and ability to release trauma does.  

Here's a relatively simple view of things. We are powerful creative beings. We can't stop creating. Until we are enlightened, our creative impulse rises from our core and travels through the multiple layers of our field which hold old pain, fear, rage etc. Those emotions spring from thought patterns and belief systems loaded with misconceptions we hold about life, ourselves, what we do or don't deserve, what we can expect from others and from life and so on. These were formed in response to our interpretation of our life experience (this life and others) depending on our level of maturity, understanding, coping skills and level of awareness at the time., usually beginning at a very young age and built upon over time. As the creative impulse travels through this veil, it becomes distorted by these views and creates accordingly. 


Our misconceptions create painful situations. Pain is a great incentive for change. When the incentive is strong enough we usually open to receive help. If we're very fond of and attached to our role of victim, we'll find helpers who will reinforce that. That's O.K. If we're ready to move more quickly we'll find someone who will will assist us in facing and shifting our perspective, releasing our pain and dropping our role as victim. That's O.K. too. We have no choice but to eventually wake up to a greater reality however many lifetimes we take to do it. Because that greater reality is the only one that never changes and it simply is. 

Look more deeply now at your focus. How much of your thoughts, emotions, even positive behavior comes from what you don't want? If you think positive behavior doesn't belong on the list, consider these actions: exercising, eating well, taking care of your grooming, your clothes, your home, your car, doing your best at whatever you do. All great actions right? If the underlying motive is fear, of rejection, or being alone, or being judged, or being less than, whether conscious or unconscious, your experience of the result always carries that underlying fear and a negative creation. On the other hand, if your sense of self is one of a powerful being in the process of awakening and using challenges as opportunities for greater awareness and change, you can create all those things from a space of joy and appreciation for this adventure we've embarked on. 

When life presents you with challenges, do you feel like a victim? Or do you simply look at what's here now and what are the possibilities within that framework? As I use my experiences to gain greater awareness my perspective shifts. As my perspective shifts, what I draw to myself (create) shifts, The more I experience this as a reality, the more I get in touch with my power to create and to see myself as a powerful being rather than a victim. The downward spiral becomes an upward spiral, or as Paramahamsa Nithyananda would say, the vicious circle becomes a virtuous circle. 

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