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 Please note, a first session that calls for exploration of the source, such as a habitual pattern or relational problem may require a 2 hour session to complete that as well as energy work. Otherwise, repeat sessions or for things like injuries or property clearing, one hour is usually sufficient. All other services and classes must be arranged by contacting me directly.

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By appointment only.
Call to reserve to reserve a spot.

Nithya Dhyan

The Meditation Process from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda introduced the powerful meditation Nithya Dhyan or life Bliss Meditation. He explained that Living Advaitha (in harmony with all life) is possible by living in perpetual completion. In Nithya Dhyan all the best methodologies are used to awaken the non-mechanical parts of the brain which put you into a state of restful awareness or being sure about you. When you are permanently sure about you this is perpetual completion or living Advaitha.

The Completion Process

Each time we are in resistance or conflict we are operating from old programs created in the past that stop us from seeing the present clearly and responding in a way that best serves us. Learn the powerful Completion Process to clear old patterns, programs and stored trauma, and release your creative energies to find solutions for present situations. In doing so, you begin creating life from a new context, free from the need to attract and repeat old negative patterns.

The Pleasure Principal

n this powerful workshop we'll use simple techniques that can literally change your experience of life. Old wounds, life challenges, collective consciousness, the media, and many other things have created deeply rooted programs that color every aspect of our lives. Using Sacred Secrets from ancient texts, we'll learn how to reverse these programs and even change the course of our lives as well easy how to's to navigate these difficult times and operate from a place of expansion and creativity rather than fear.

The Ecstasy Meditation

We have been gifted with several tools to help us move through these turbulent times of changes and intense energies. One very powerful one is learning to create ecstasy in the field at will. This creates harmony and balance as well as creating a protective barrier and a magnet for positive experiences. And let's not feels great! This meditation will teach you how to create this powerful vibration in your field and body, as well as clear whatever is stopping you from experiencing bliss now.

The Power of Healing

What is healing? How does it work? Can everyone be a channel for healing? Come and join us for an evening of exploring these and other questions in this powerful healing workshop. Learn how to open your own high sense perceptions to see and feel energy. Witness a demonstration and experience a group healing. Participate in creating a wave of healing energy to radiate peace to the planet. Mary Ann will take you on a journey to help you drop into a deeper connection with your true self. And open to your own potential.

Cosmic Breathwork

Call for more information.

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