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Your Journey To Spiritual Healing

I've worked with different modalities of healing, spiritual and emotional growth, and  conscious awareness for over 40 years. Each session is tailored to address your specific needs and goals.

Our session begins with an exploration of a problem, whether it manifests as physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. I often tap into unconscious patterns that are related to the problem, help you discover the source, and give you new ways of dealing with it.

Understanding of spiritual, emotional, physical and developmental psychology concepts are combined to assist you in a variety of ways. This is usually followed by a healing meditation, table work or both.

The guided meditation and energetic table work (hands-on healing) connects deeply within the body, field, and psyche to release old trauma, repair injury, clear and balance. I can also teach you several powerful techniques to shift and dissolve old patterns that may be triggered throughout your daily life.

Barbara Brennan Healing Science and techniques by Enlightened Master Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda, which are based on ancient Vedic traditions, may also be used during your session. Beyond these techniques, the main focus is helping you learn how to drop into your essence or ‘Presence' and operate from and make decisions and choices from this deeper place within yourself, rather than from habitual defensive patterns which no longer serve you.

I can work long-distance over the phone or internet for the initial part of our session. Then you may lie down while I work on you energetically. My clients in USA, England, Ireland, Japan, Italy, and Canada claim that the distance work is felt just as if I were there with them.

All modalities are only modest tools in the hands of the Divine. I find it a truly humbling experience to be permitted to serve in this way. (more...)

Whatever the method, the goal is for you to reach a sense of peace and well being, and become empowered with the tools to continue your own journey to spiritual healing.



Below you will find real stories from my clients in their own words.


More About Mary Ann


Mary Ann is a healer, teacher, counselor, psychospiritual therapist, lecturer, and workshop facilitator with over 40 years experience. She offers private and group sessions, workshops and classes, and travels for personally tailored classes with the option of time for private sessions.
Mary Ann is also an Ordained Minister and can  perform wedding ceremonies, house blessings etc.


Rising Star Practitioner and Teacher, Prema Birthing Practitioner and Teacher, Graduate Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Graduate C.I.L. (Center for Intentional Living, 3 year developmental psychology/spiritual integration program) Certified Tong Wren Therapy, Pi Gu Therapy, Self Realization Fellowship, Rebirther, studies with many healers/growth facilitators including Derek O'Neill, Richard Bartlet, Hilda Charlton, Ram Das, Drunvalo, Ken Page, Greg Braden, Sandra Ray, Dr. Robert Jaffe, and Enlightened Master Sri Sri Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Teaching Experience

8 years Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Method in Natural Development (adult ed. and corporate), Lectures and Workshops Internationally.


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