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About My Work

Your Journey To Spiritual Healing

I've worked with different modalities of healing, spiritual and emotional growth, and  conscious awareness for over 40 years. Each session is tailored to address your specific needs and goals.

Our session begins with an exploration of a problem, whether it manifests as physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. I often tap into unconscious patterns that are related to the problem, help you discover the source, and give you new ways of dealing with it.

Understanding of spiritual, emotional, physical and developmental psychology concepts are combined to assist you in a variety of ways. This is usually followed by a healing meditation, table work or both.

The guided meditation and energetic table work (hands-on healing) connects deeply within the body, field, and psyche to release old trauma, repair injury, clear and balance. I can also teach you several powerful techniques to shift and dissolve old patterns that may be triggered throughout your daily life.

Barbara Brennan Healing Science and techniques by Enlightened Master Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda, which are based on ancient Vedic traditions, may also be used during your session. Beyond these techniques, the main focus is helping you learn how to drop into your essence or ‘Presence' and operate from and make decisions and choices from this deeper place within yourself, rather than from habitual defensive patterns which no longer serve you.

I can work long-distance over the phone or internet for the initial part of our session. Then you may lie down while I work on you energetically. My clients in USA, England, Ireland, Japan, Italy, and Canada claim that the distance work is felt just as if I were there with them.

All modalities are only modest tools in the hands of the Divine. I find it a truly humbling experience to be permitted to serve in this way. (more...)

Whatever the method, the goal is for you to reach a sense of peace and well being, and become empowered with the tools to continue your own journey to spiritual healing.

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Below you will find real stories from my clients in their own words.

Aching pain in my hip subsided

My physician informed me that the lab results of progressive Pagets disease meant that eventually I would be wheelchair bound. With the healing performed by Mary Ann the aching pain in my hip subsided.  With time, the healing progress continued, and follow-up blood tests showed a normal blood level of Alkaline Phosphatase. I was able to return to increased physical activity, including hiking and kayaking.  I stopped taking the medication and my blood levels remained normal. A recent scan showed that my bone density was better than normal. Not only was the disease arrested, but the bone tissue density now is greater than what is expected for my age.

Thank you Mary Ann.
~Ed H., New Jersey

 I was so upset I didn't know what to do

My dog Duffy had been sick with crystals in his bladder for 2 weeks.The vet had given antibiotics, but antibiotics cant break down crystals!! I had taken Duffy out and was watching him pee and it was pure blood!!!  I was so upset I didn't know what to do. I called Maryann and was explaining the situation to her. She said "I can get rid of crystals, no problem'!! I was so happy.I asked should I bring him over now? She said "no,I can work on him long distance ".I said really!?!?! She said "Really!!! I said great lets do it! She worked on him immediately. He never peed another drop of blood and never had a crystal problem again!!! She is amazing!

~Helen Pruzan 

Now I live a normal healthy life

When I was 18, I was in a bad accident.  My car slipped on a patch of ice and went through a brick wall in front of someone's house.   The next day I could barely move.  I was given 2 weeks worth of physical therapy, and was put on codeine for about a year.  It was years after that before I was able to see a proper orthopedic specialist.  X-rays showed arthritis in my lower back and neck (actually I was told that I had the neck of a 50-year-old, which was not particularly encouraging to hear since I was a woman in my early 20s).  And two discs in my lower back had pretty much disintegrated.  The specialist wanted to do intense PT rather than resort to surgery, which I quickly agreed to.  Mary Ann was doing healing on me during this period.
The next time I went to see an orthopedist, x-rays showed continued inflammation and arthritis... but the two discs had mostly grown back (which according to western medicine, isn't technically possible.)
Thanks to continued help from Mary Ann, and me finally taking care of my spine, the only issue that I deal with nowadays is arthritis.  And as long as I stay physically active and stretch every morning, the arthritis has no real affect on my daily activity. I have no doubt that if it weren't for all of the healing I've had over the years, I would have had to get my vertebrae fused and I wouldn't be capable of things like yoga and strength training.  I was in constant pain for years, which started right after I became an adult.  And now I live a normal healthy life...for that I am extremely grateful.  


 I was pleasantly surprised 

I had a work situation where someone who  had the ear of my bosses boss was working hard to discredit me. They were threatened by the fact that I had more experience and expertise despite my lower title. Although I made several attempts to smooth things out, they were determined to get me fired. Feeling out of options I decided to call Mary Ann to work with my issues and feelings and after doing this she suggested we do a situational healing. I was pleasantly surprised when everything worked out, and the person trying to discredit me was shown to be wrong in every instance of the over 20 items listed where I supposedly made major errors. Around the same time, my nephew was dealing with a similar circumstance where the person in control of his chances at playing professional sports was doing everything to hold him back refusing to let him play in important games after his talent was recognized. We did the situational healing again, and without going into a long story he is now playing professionally! 


Diagnosed with CIN Stage 3

In Sept 2002 i was diagnosed with CIN (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia) stage 3.  I received my first laser treatment and despite the fact that after 6 months the tests confirmed that i needed the next laser surgery. I decided to go for  an alternative energy healing session instead. After only 3 sessions with MaryAnn I felt a tremendous release and peace. When I went back to my Dr. and was tested again I was told I had to repeat the test; there must be something wrong because it was clear. The second one confirmed again that my cervix was clear of any abnormal cells.Thank you MaryAnn!!!  

~A.S. - Ireland

Simply can not recommend her enough

I cannot recommend Mary Ann Michaels enough!! She is an absolute wonder of a person to turn to when you have physical, emotional or spiritual challenges. No matter how big and overwhelming things seem at the time, after only 1 session you will feel much lighter, receive more clarity, peace and ground major lessons about yourself. When feeling fragile and open thanks to Mary Ann's diverse healing skills, genuine interest in your well-being and broad experience you are guaranteed to be and feel safe. Usually,a session lasts up to 1 hour and is filled with energy work, which is felt physically, provided with full reading of the situation identifying the root cause of your challenge. I received both: remote and direct sessions and found equally powerful and effective. Mary Ann is deeply caring person who is motivated by helping people to achieve their full true potential. Simply can not recommend her enough!!! 

~Anita A.

I sustained a serious cervical spine injury

"While helping to move a large, injured animal, I sustained a serious cervical spine injury. Two separate MRI scans, one closed and one open, confirmed a diagnosis of a fragmented disc with cord compression at the C5-C6 level. X-rays confirmed an apexing or collapse of the vertebra into the disc space.

The pain was excruciating and the neurological symptoms advanced. The orthopedist recommended surgery as the only real option because the disc had fragmented. He was scheduled for a vacation and intended to schedule my surgery upon his return. During his absence, my symptoms progressed to the point of heaviness and numbness in the lower extremities in addition to the neck, arm and hand pain. I had been advised that once the symptoms had advanced to a shaking of the limbs, surgery would then be considered an emergency with a real possibility of quadriplegia. At a loss for anyone to help me, I called Mary Ann, under whom I had begun to learn about energy and healing. I begged for her help. She told me to go rest and she would begin to work on me long distance.

I laid down and fell into a sleep. About two hours later, I got up and had almost no heaviness in my legs. As the day progressed, the tingling and numbness in the legs also began to disappear. By the next day, I was cautiously elated because my right hand no longer ached. Over the course of a few days, the symptoms gradually lessened. The following week, at my follow up appointment with the surgeon, he told me that based on the improvement of my symptoms, he would not consider surgery at the moment but would repeat the MRI. The repeat MRI was done at the same facility as the first tests. The radiologist called my husband, who is also a physician, and questioned him as to when I had my surgical repair.

My husband was quite surprised as was the radiologist, because the MRI was NORMAL. There was a normal disc space, no collapse and no evidence of fragmentation. This is all beautifully documented over a three month interval beginning in April. I have been told by many professionals, physicians and physical therapists, that I was the recipient of a miracle. I do believe that Mary Ann and her healing intercession facilitated that miracle."

~K.F. Colts Neck, N.J.

I did not quite know what to expect

I was introduced to Mary Ann by a friend of mine. Since it was my first experience with a healer I did not quite know what to expect. I came to her with an overactive anxiety level. When she got done with the treatment and I got off the table I was fine. She became my friend for life. I regard her not only as my friend, but as my spiritual adviser. I come to her with many questions on my journey for a better understanding of myself and always she clears my doubts and helps me to understand my purpose in life. Thank you Mary Ann.

 ~Hedy K.

I felt immediately comfortable and safe

If I had to describe Mary Ann and her work in one word...Amazing! I have been working with her for several years and have grown and changed so much in that time with her help and guidance. I felt immediately comfortable and safe. Her realness, warmth and compassion are otherworldly, and enabled me to look at deeper issues that I struggled with on my own. Through hard times, or just re-connecting to my true self , Mary Ann is an inspiration and radiates a deep passion for her work, and helping others. I am eternally grateful for her guidance and support.

 ~Sarah A.

I quickly realized that she was able to help me

I was referred to Mary Ann to help me with issues of fear and lack of confidence. I really did not know what to expect but quickly realized that she was able to help me mentally and emotionally. She has introduced me to ideas and techniques that have been life changing. She has always been prompt, compassionate and very flexible to accommodate my schedule.

~Heidi S.

Such deep gratitude

I feel such deep gratitude for how held and truly seen I felt. Mary Ann helped me to face and welcome every part of myself, and taught me how to feel safe enough inside to face whatever life has to bring.

~Sally S. Oak Park IL.

Such strength and gentleness

Mary Ann is one the few people in my life who would not back down. She had such strength and gentleness and helped me to look at what I did not want to see. She helped me move past my self imposed limitations.
~Nancy S. New York, N.Y.

I felt truly and deeply understood

One of the best things I liked about Mary Ann and working with her was/is her realness. I felt truly and deeply understood and that I was in the presence of someone who has done her own "work". She sits as this powerful, comforting, and very solid presence in front of me and with her energy and understanding created a space that was healing.

That feeling didn't end when I left her, rather carried on with me out "in my life". Mary Ann is so very gifted at being in tune with you. She offered me a real lifeline back to my SELF, when I could not find one so real any where else." Thank you Mary Ann!

 ~Jen N, Brooklyn N.Y.

She has helped me so much to heal, grow and to love

I have had the privilege of working with Mary Ann for the past 11 years. She has helped me so much to heal, grow and to love the person I am today. Mary Ann is a great listener; she offers incredible advice and passes no judgment. You can tell her anything and she will embrace you regardless of your issues. She is passionate, gentle and extremely knowledgeable. She is extremely powerful during the hands on healing process due to her own spiritual journey and the training she has received from some of the best in the world.

~Donna Peyser, Matawan, NJ


I want to thank you and tell you that I am totally delighted (and a little scared I admit)by the clarity of your feedback. It has allowed me to go deeper into my woundedness and begin to have more access to more of myself.

~C.W. London, England

Mary Ann helped me to open to who I really am.

~Rosamund, N.Y.C.

Mary Ann was so present for me and helped me to connect to a whole part of myself that had been missing. With the love she embodied, I gathered the courage to welcome myself home and delight in the mystery and the journey. She helped me to see that this is always a choice. I will always be grateful for her wisdom, warmth and beautiful spirit.

~Elaine , Pa.

Thank you for a most powerful year of growth. I felt so nurtured and compassionately supported. Your strength and presence taught me as much as your wise teachings and will be with me forever!

~Karen N. Stowe, VT.

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More About Mary Ann


Mary Ann is a healer, teacher, counselor, psychospiritual therapist, lecturer, and workshop facilitator with over 40 years experience. She offers private and group sessions, workshops and classes, and travels for personally tailored classes with the option of time for private sessions.
Mary Ann is also an Ordained Minister and can  perform wedding ceremonies, house blessings etc.


Rising Star Practitioner and Teacher, Prema Birthing Practitioner and Teacher, Graduate Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Graduate C.I.L. (Center for Intentional Living, 3 year developmental psychology/spiritual integration program) Certified Tong Wren Therapy, Pi Gu Therapy, Self Realization Fellowship, Rebirther, studies with many healers/growth facilitators including Derek O'Neill, Richard Bartlet, Hilda Charlton, Ram Das, Drunvalo, Ken Page, Greg Braden, Sandra Ray, Dr. Robert Jaffe, and Enlightened Master Sri Sri Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Teaching Experience

8 years Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Method in Natural Development (adult ed. and corporate), Lectures and Workshops Internationally.

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